Chickerell spring clean

To contact the Chickerell Litter team, please phone Brian Bean on 01305 770678

Please consider coming along and helping with next year's clean

The date of the next spring clean is always advertised in Chickerell's Contact magazine

If you still have a litter picker stick from last year, and cannot make this years event - then please bring the stick back, or drop it at Brian's house. Thank you

The Chickerell Spring Clean for 2023 is Saturday 11th March. 10 am at Willowbed Hall, Chickerell. DT34AJ 

We always try to provide litter pickers and hoops to volunteers on the day. But if you have your own then please bring it with you. If you still have a picker from previous events, please drop them off at Brian's or bring them to the event. Thank you.

Litter pickers come in various lengths. You should use the correct length for your height. When picking litter off the ground, your back should be straight, and your arm should be straight. 

For average height, the 33 inch picker is ideal, but tall people would be bending forward to use this size of picker. So we have the 37 inch for tall people to use. We also have a 50 inch picker for getting to the back of those thick hedges and the other side of deep ditches.

All of our litter picker tools come from The Helping Hand Company

Don't worry if you're going to be a bit late, simply head to one of the destinations on the leaflet above - and you've sure to see volunteers helping to clear litter from the hedges and ditches