Chickerell needs a skate bowl

The need for a skate bowl or skate park in Chickerell is strong.

Chickerell needs a skate park
Chickerell needs a skatebowl
Chickerell needs a skatebowl

Skate bowls are not just used by skateboards, but also by in-line skates, scooters and BMX type bikes

The benefits to the town council providing one is that

  • It helps to motivate and occupy kids.

  • It helps to keep the participants active, and is a healthy activity.

  • It removes the need for the kids to go off and create jumps somewhere else.

  • And the activities are not just participated in by children, but by adults as well.

The difference between a skate bowl and a skate park is that;

A skate bowl is a concrete bowl or linked bowls that are set in the ground. This results in minimal visual impact on an area. being made of concrete, the use of a bowl greatly reduces the sounds of skating compared to the cheap metal framed ones seen elsewhere.

The bowl at Verwood was paid for by East Dorset District Council.

Chickerell needs  skate bowl
Chickerell needs a skatepark

A skate park is an above ground facility, such as at Dorchester market and Radipole Park Gardens. The Radipole Park Gardens facility is the metal frame type that isn't the quietest facility to have, and is not best value.

Chickerell needs a skatebowl
Chickerell needs a skate park

But where could the Chickerell skate bowl be located?

These videos were shot by local residents

And take a look at the comments on the forum at

Write to Chickerell Town Council at

Willowbed Hall,

Putton Lane,