Neutering and Spaying

Did you know, that spaying or neutering your pet not only stops them from breeding, it lowers the chances of them getting illnesses that they may get if they are left entire.

Illnesses such as testicular cancer, breast cancer, ovarian cancer as well as infections and the like.

It also reduces the risk of them roaming, jumping fences to find a mate and also calms them down.

Be responsible, spay or neuter your pet! Leaving a pet unaltered is dangerous, not only for them but for the offspring they may end up having.

For those of limited income, charities can help cover the cost of this operation. Talk to the staff at your local vets.

The Dogs Trust have been conducting surveys of stray dogs handled by local authorities. The report includes the number of dogs put to sleep for the sole reason of being unwanted due to too many dogs being breed.

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Click this line to see the Dogs Trust 2016 report on stray dogs

2010 table below

Dog's trust 2010 report

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Dog's Trust 2011 report