Dog ownership

Bag it and bin it

Responsible Dog Ownership

Please would dog owners and walkers be responsible for their animals, and show consideration to others

Please ensure your dog is under control at all times

A dog of any size can scare and upset people.

Your dog should be near to you at all times whilst out, and not on the other side of an area, or in the next field.

Dogs should be corrected when jumping up or barking at people or dogs.

Barking and control is resolvable & you can learn how to do it from the numerous training shows that exist on TV.

Any incident involving a stray dog, dog fouling, or dog attack should be immediately reported to West Dorset District Council’s Dog Warden on 01305 251010. The offending dog may have recently done a similar thing. Local Dogs have been shot for livestock worrying.

An attack carries the risk of Prosecution, Fine, Ordered to pay vet fees, Compensation, Seizure of dog, Ordered Destruction of dog.

Please ensure the dog has an identification tag

This allows a loose dog to be quickly returned home, and allows owners to be informed of an accident or incident.

Any dog in a public area without a collar is deemed a stray by law and can be removed. The law requires that dogs must have a collar and that it must be fitted with a tag which shows your name and address. Carries £500 fine

Please clean up after your dog

and dispose of dog waste responsibly

Horse waste consists of organic matter such as grass and oats. Dog and cat waste contains meat and animal fat particles. This is why dog and cat waste is a health hazard and must be picked up and disposed of responsibly

Bag it and bin it

Once dog waste has been put in a bag and tied up, then it can be disposed of in your household bin or any litter bin.

The content of the red dog bin is not specially treated, and goes to landfill along with your household rubbish. You should always carry some bags.

Bags of dog waste thrown into the hedge only creates litter and spoil our Parish. Littering carries a £70.00 fine. Baged waste thrown in to the hedge does not decompose.

Failing to clear up after your dog is a fineable offence up to £1,000.

Thank you to all those responsible dog owners in the Parish who do this.