Hedges overhanging pavements and roads

Please feel free to download the attachment at the bottom of this page of Dorset Council's guide for Landowners on their duties with regards to cutting their trees, hedges and bushes back.

Land owners have a duty by Act of Parliement to ensure that their trees, bushes and plants do not obstruct the public highway, be that road, pavement or footpath.

It is unacceptable for people with poor eyesight to walk in to low hanging vegetation just because the land owner fails to maintain their vegetation.

It is also unacceptable for pedestrians to have to step in the road in order to pass someone else just because of vegetation or parked cars. Pavements are a minimum width in order to allow two people to pass each other or for a parent to walk whilst pushing a pram and holding a child’s hand.

Trees and bushes should not be cut between April and September. This is why it is imperative to cut your boundary vegetation back to within your boundary before the bird breeding season starts, so that any growth will not obstruct paths, pavements and roads.

However, it is possible to get consent to do works where public health or safety or access are an issue.

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