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Dorsetdog.Com’s primary objective is to celebrate the companion dog and family pet dog.

To improve the enjoyment of dog ownership by being a source of information on or links to

                  • selecting a dog breed
                  • obtaining a dog
                  • rescuing pedigree breed dogs
                  • responsible dog ownership
                  • dog training
                  • dog health

Dorsetdog.Com aims to host (free of charge) a diary of novelty and companion dog shows within Dorset to help residents enjoy their dog.

For dog show organisers, Dorsetdog.Com has hints and tips to help you run a good organised show.

For people asked to judge novelty shows, Dorsetdog.com has a few tips from experienced judges to help you choose the better dog.

If you are involved in any dog show event held in Dorset, please contact Dorsetdog.Com so that it can be shared with everyone. All dog show events are displayed free of charge. All requests must include a contact name, phone number, venue address and post code (for satnav), day & time of event, and website address if relevant.